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Final Fiber is made to do everything you love, from email browsing in your office, to streaming shows with the family, and gaming with friends. It's internet truly designed to do amazing things. We aren't any normal cable provider; we actually care about our services, and you, the customer. Our network is designed to do anything at anytime, so you can do what you love when it matters most.

Why us?

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With an entirely wireless network, you can count on high uptime. Final uses multiple redundant systems to keep you online when it matters most.


We utilize the latest wireless equipement to deliver the highest speeds possible. We are also always upgrading our network to ensure you get the best internet experience.


Final Fiber isn't the big cable company. We're not here trying to drain your wallet, which is why we offer simple and transparent pricing.


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100 Mbps

$55 / mo
  • 100 Mbps download / upload
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200 Mbps

$70 / mo
  • 200 Mbps download / upload
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300 Mbps

$100 / mo
  • 300 Mbps download / upload
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Dedicated Connection

$600+ / mo
  • Up to 1300 Mbps available
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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we are looking to cover eastern parts of Pennsylvania. We are always looking to expand. If you are interested in our services in your area, please contact us.

We currently offer base speeds up to 300 Mbps, both download and upload. Upon request, we can offer speeds up to 1300 Mbps on a dedicated link. Alternatively, we can work with you to provide dedicated fiber.

We use fixed wireless tech. Final has access points on towers around town. On the customers end, we use a receiving antenna that faces our access point. From the customers antenna, you are given an in-home access point which acts like a router and gives off WiFi in the home.

While latency varies on case-by-case, customers can expect latency as low as 10ms to some web properties.

Nothing is perfect, so on rare occasions we could experience an outage. We strive to have 99.95% uptime.

It depends. Sometimes we can install same day. Other times it can take up to a week. We're a local company and we do our best to get things done.


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For sales inquiries, please email:

[email protected]

For support inquiries, please email:

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